Donating Law Reports during the COVID pandemic

At Donate Law Reports we have implemented COVID based safeguards to protect our couriers as well as those who donate to us. The following safety measures have been implemented at Donate Law Reports:

  • We have a strict 2-meter distance policy between our courier and the donator.
  • It is best if the items are placed outside at a minimum of 20 minutes before collection depending on weather conditions.
  • Our couriers are provided with face masks, gloves, and hand sanitiser.
  • We prefer to have contactless collections due to the pandemic.  
  • As a safety measure for both parties we would prefer to organise the collections at an off peak period for your work place. This is to further reduce the risk of COVID. 

A number of legal firms have rapidly moved to use only online libraries due to having no access to offices. If you are one of the organisations that have now moved to use online libraries and which to donate your law reports/books, please get in contact. We offer free collection and have strict COVID measures in place to protect both parties.

We are very interested in collecting any used/unwanted law reports. We look forward to hearing from you. Please fill in the below form if you wish to make a donation:

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